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CQI Certified Quality Inspector Exam

The CQI (Certified Quality Inspector) Exam is conducted by The American Society for Quality (ASQ). The organization was established in 1946 after the Second World War. Earlier it was known as ASQC (American Society for Quality Control). The goal of the society is to promote better standards in all spheres of life. A Certified Quality Inspector has the authority to inspect and evaluate the hardware, procedures and data of any organization.

Eligibility For CQI Certified Quality Inspector Exam

A candidate should have at least experience of two years in a position related to mechanical inspection. The minimum educational qualification required is High School or its equivalent GED. In case this is not available then the candidate has to have a total of five years of experience in mechanical inspection. Overseas diplomas and degrees are only accepted if they are officially recognized as being equivalent to a US High School degree.

Syllabus Of CQI Certified Quality Inspector Exam

The syllabus is created to test the mathematical capabilities of the candidate. A High School level is tested through the exam. Other subjects in the syllabus relate to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, conversion of measurements between the metric system and the old system of measurement in yards and quarts.

The CQI exam also tests the candidate’s knowledge about metrology instruments. This knowledge also extends to electronic and pneumatic instruments. The exam syllabus also deals with calibration, microscopes, cameras and precision gages.

The syllabus also covers subjects like reading of blueprints and diagrams. The candidate should have a good knowledge of symbols and technical terminology. The exam also tests the candidate’s knowledge of testing systems, quality control methods and statistical data analysis. The syllabus is also created to test a candidate’s awareness of environmental problems and how various industrial and commercial processes harm daily life.

Format Of CQI Certified Quality Inspector Exam

The format of the exam uses multiple choice questions. These have to be answered with the help of computers. The questions are all in English. The period of the examination is generally extended to three hours. The examinees can bring in simple calculators with numerical keys only.

Once you have passed the exam it is necessary to go for recertification after a period of time. This assures that your knowledge is updated and in touch with the times. Employers appreciate this desire to keep up with recertification.

CQI Certified Quality Inspector Exam Study Guide

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The Certified Quality Inspector Exam is a rigorous exam in which the candidates are evaluated regarding their skills and knowledge over various issues. To help you in your exam preparation, subject matter experts have prepared Certified Quality Inspector Exam Study Guide to help you with exact exam format and the content covered in the examination. The Study Guide contains indepth knowledge and assessments on various topics related to exam. Get Certified Quality Inspector Exam Study Guide and increase your chances of passing the exam with flying colours. We wish you all the best for your exam preparation.

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