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FPC Fundamental Payroll Certification Examination

The FPC examination is for entry-level payroll managers. The FPC examination certifies an individual to exercise his payroll expertise. Payroll management is of prime importance due to increase in employment.  Today’s various policies need lots of knowledge to maintain a company’s expense. Lot of amended laws has been introduced. This proves beneficial for both ends. The certification helps one to tackle these issues with ease. It is much needed in today’s economic scenario.

Eligibility For FPC Fundamental Payroll Certification Examination

Aspirants must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
•    Entry-level Payroll Professionals
•    Sales Professionals/Consultants serving the payroll industry
•    Systems Analysts/Engineers writing payroll programs
•    Payroll Service Bureau Client Representatives

Candidates are required to fill up an application form. It can be downloaded from the official website. Once the application is submitted, training begins after confirmation. The Certification Board holds the right to review an applicant's qualifications and eligibility.

Syllabus Of FPC Fundamental Payroll Certification Examination

The syllabus is outlined in the following format:
•    Core Payroll Concepts
•    Compliance
•    Principles of Paycheck Calculations
•    Payroll Process and Systems

Answers should be based on Federal laws and regulations in effect as of 1/1/2011.

Format Of FPC Fundamental Payroll Certification Examination

The exam consists of 150 MCQ’s. 125 are scored questions and the rest are pre-test questions. The total duration of the exam is 4 hours. The exam is Computer Based. The pre test questions do not influence the score of the candidate. Every candidate is provided with an examination handbook for preparation .The content covered in the exam is as follows:
1.    Core Payroll Concepts (40%),
2.    Compliance (22%)
3.    Principles of Pay check Calculations (20%)
4.    Payroll Process and Systems (12%)
5.    Accounting (6%)

FPC Fundamental Payroll Certification Examination Study Guide

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