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GHSGT - Georgia High School Graduation test

GHSGT - Georgia High School Graduation test is conducted to assess the candidate’s knowledge  in order to help him to prepare well for high school diploma test. Students who are aspiring to get a Georgia High school Diploma needs to get through this exam.

Eligibility For GHSGT - Georgia High School Graduation Test

Georgia High School Graduation, candidate should be enrolled in high school class. Candidate should score at least 200 marks to get the certification. If the candidate scores more than 275 marks in the exam, then he is given an honors certificate for the assessment. Candidate needs to take GHSGT - Georgia High School Graduation test in eleventh grade. If the candidate falls short of the marks in the first attempt then he is liable to take the exam again in the next spring. 

Syllabus Of GHSGT - Georgia High School Graduation Test

  • English and Language Arts – Literal analysis (38%), Reading and Comprehension (48%), Conventions and Writing (14%).
  • Mathematics – Algebra (36%), Geometry (36%), Data Analysis (28%)
  • Science  - Cells, Heredity, Ecology, Bio diversity, Properties of matter, Transformation of Energy, Waves, forces and electricity.
  • Social Science – American Civics and Politics, US history, Geography, world History and skills matrix

GHSGT Study Guide

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HSPT high school preparation test study guide study guide material is written by subject matter experts to enhance your level of understanding about exam and the way to answer questions. Indepth topics written in the ebook in easy language are

The comprehensive Mathematics review including:

  • The Easiest Math Review You'll Ever Read
  • Solving for Variables
  • Breezing Through Word Problems
  • Keeping Probability Simple
  • Using the Right Formulas
  • Graphing for Success
  • Racing Through Ratios
  • Understanding Line Plotting
  • Mastering Difficult Problems

The comprehensive Social Studies & English/Language Arts review including:

  • Determining the Relationships
  • Making Strategic Eliminations
  • Recognizing the Switchback Words
  • Understanding Word Types
  • Finding the Right Opportunities
  • When Truth Doesn't Equal Correctness
  • Avoiding the Trap of Familiarity
  • Making Logic Work for You
  • Skimming Techniques to Save Time

The comprehensive Writing review including:

  • Approaching the Topic
  • Brainstorming for Success
  • Picking a Main Idea
  • Starting Your Engines
  • Strength Through Diversity
  • Weeding Your Garden
  • Creating a Logical Flow
  • Avoiding the Panic
  • Checking Your Work

The comprehensive Science review including:

  • Strategic Choice Elimination
  • Using Similarities for Success
  • Experimental Explanations
  • How to Avoid Technicalities
  • Maintaining the Pace
  • Understanding the Flaws
  • Making Bizarre Decisions
  • Knowing for Certain
  • Deciphering Variables

The comprehensive Reading Review including:

  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Comparison and Contrast
  • Determining the Topic
  • Contextual Clues
  • Predictions
  • Emotional Words
  • Author's Thought Process
  • Drawing Generalizations
  • Cause and Effect Relationships
  • Eliminating Choices
  • Sequence of Events
  • Avoidance of Outside Knowledge
  • Conclusions and Hedge Phrases
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