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HSPT High School Placement Test

High School Placement Test is conducted to check the candidate’s cognitive and academic skills in the various subjects. Based on the results, candidates are selected for placements, scholarships and admissions. The HPST is published under the two forms: the Closed Form and the Open Form. 

Syllabus Of HSPT High School Placement Test

The contents of the tests are based from including the best select items which have been piloted and studied to determine their effectiveness. Piloted test items are later introduced into the rotation of forms to help ensure testing integrity. The results are included in the form of the Alphabetical List Report and the Rank-Order List Report (from highest to lowest) of the composite scores. Both the above mentioned reports are divided into six major columns, each of which provides a rich assortment of information about the individual student. Student name, codes, cognitive skills, basic skills, option and composite are the columns.  The test includes sections such as Quantitative Skills (QT) which measure your ability to reason problems involving numbers and quantities.  Reading (RD) measures your ability to remember important ideas and significant details, recognize central thought or purpose, make logical inferences and understand vocabulary in context. Mathematics (MT) measures ability to perform arithmetic operations and apply math concepts to solve problems, but also your knowledge of important concepts and ability to reason. Language (LN) his test measures your knowledge of capitalization, punctuation, grammar, spelling, usage and composition.  The HSPT is a multiple choice question paper.

Format Of HSPT High School Placement Test

  • Verbal and Quantitative skills
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Language                                                                
  • Science (25 Minute)
  • Mechanical Aptitude (15 Minute)
  • Catholic Religion (20 Minute)

The latter three tests are optional and hence can be skipped. The score of these optional tests is not counted in the  composite scores.

HSPT Study Guide

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HSPT high school preparation test study guide study guide material is written by subject matter experts to enhance your level of understanding about exam and the way to answer questions. Indepth topics written in the ebook in easy language are

  • Comprehensive Language
  • Comprehensive Verbal Skills
  • Comprehensive Mathematics & Quantitative Skills 
  • Comprehensive Reading Comprehension
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