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IBLCE International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiner Exam

It is the certification that measures the knowledge in lactation consulting. IBLCE administers the examination in multiple languages at numerous sites all over the world. The certification is valid for the period of 5 years. Post this time period, renewal of the certification is required.

Eligibility For IBLCE International Board Of Lactation Consultant Examiner Exam

IBLCE offers 3 pathways through which candidates may qualify for the exam.
Pathway 1: Clinical experience in lactation and breastfeeding care
Pathway2: Graduation in Human lactation and breastfeeding.
Pathway3: Should have completed clinical internship under direct supervision

Syllabus Of IBLCE International Board Of Lactation Consultant Examiner Exam

All the examination questions are based on both discipline and chronological parameters. Disciplines include following topics:
A. Maternal and infant anatomy
B. Maternal and infant normal physiology and endocrinology
C. Maternal and infant normal nutrition and biochemistry
D. Maternal and infant immunology and infectious disease
E. Maternal and infant pathology
F. Maternal and infant pharmacology and toxicology
G. Psychology, sociology, and anthropology
H. Growth parameters and developmental milestones
I. Interpretation of research
J. Ethica and legal issues
K. Breastfeeding Equipment and technology
L. Techniques
M. Public Health
Chronological parameters include the following:
1. Preconception
2. Prenatal
3. Labor/birth (Perinatal)
4. Prematurity
5. 0 - 2 days
6. 3 - 14 days
7. 15 - 28 days
8. 1 - 3 months
9. 4 - 6 months
10. 7 - 12 months
11. Beyond 12 months

Format Of IBLCE International Board Of Lactation Consultant Examiner Exam

The examination is conducted in paper and pencil format. However it has been implemented online as well this year in few areas of world. The examination is conducted usually in the last week of July every year. The question paper consists of 200 questions.  The questions are based on judgement, decision making skills, knowledge in lactation, conceptual, nutrition, psycology etc.

IBLCE International Board Of Lactation Consultant Examiner Exam Study Guide

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